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Having been involved with email marketing for around 10 years I have had the luxury of using proprietary systems and paid for systems such as PURE 360 and YMLP all of which have been excellent platforms and have suited the companies I worked with for varying reasons. However the difficulty comes when you are a small company who needs to manage their cash flow and expenses more carefully so a monthly contract is not suitable.

As a supplier of email marketing support, I have used MailChimp extensively and it has been really effective at providing companies with cost-effective solutions but recently I have hit problems with one of my clients who is a nutritional therapist.

We designed a great e-newsletter, tested and approved this with the client only to be advised that due to the nature of content it could not be sent. It transpires that MailChimp blocks certain content related to the words “nutrition” mostly due to the issues with claims on natural health and nutritional supplements. Verifying content is an important role for the email platform supplier however it can be frustrating when your client is not making claims and simply wants to promote their services.

After some googling I came across Benchmark Email Platform.

Despite being a big fan of MailChimp, Benchmark provide telephone technical support to all customers free of charge. This is available through web chat, Skype, email or phone. The support was great. I talked them through my predicament and they fast tracked my content to their verification team who look at the content in context.

Within 12 hours I was able to confirm to my client that I had a solution and she could continue to market herself to her new clients.

If you need a bit more technical support for your clients or you have content that can be regarded as controversial in certain contexts, give Benchmark a go – it’s a free 2000 email plan has all the benefits I have had in the past with corporate accounts.

Click below to get your account set up

Have you found any other email platforms that are easy to use? Let me know and we can share your story.




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