Brick Marketing & Communications


My blogging has not been very regular recently due to the distraction of job hunting. So i very quickly decided that i should simply provide the marketing service that i had been doing as a Marketing Manager to other businesses.

Easier said than done – so i invented a business concept “Brick”.

Brick Marketing and Communications offers companies a client led, modular marketing and administrative services that will help them grow & develop.

Brick is a network of professionals with a proven track record and deliver marketing, digital marketing, social media, design, data, content, administration, financial and recruitment expertise.

Like a brick, each module of expertise has it’s own strength to deliver benefits to your business, but by combining the bricks to make a wall the benefits will have more power and impact.

We now have 5 clients who we have love working with providing email marketing, data, research and social media management.

The next step is for us to put together a website, logo and start to market our concept – so watch this space.

The strength behind us is our commitment to help businesses grow, our passion for our expertise, our creative problem solving and a drive for commercial success.

We are now open for business




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