My first testimonial

When my work at the publishers ended I took a punt and pitched to a few companies with a business idea that I had been thinking about for a long time. Out of the first two I approached both came back to me very quickly wanting to know more. I was overwhelmed!

Since then I have worked with four different clients helping them with a variety of projects such as:

  • Public Relations – writing press releases, getting them out to the media and securing and organising interviews with radio and TV.
  • Social Media Management – working with clients to make their social media provide real commercial benefits, including managing their photography and videos.
  • Blogging – producing content, coordinating bloggers and broadcasting the content.
  • Email Marketing – defining a road map for clients, designing email templates, setting clients up on an email platform and broadcasting their messages.
  • Client Acquisition and Retention Campaigns – looking at how we can acquire more customers and make sure that our current customers feel loved.

It has been a lot of hard work but enjoyable and today, to top it all, I received my first testimonial from one of my client’s who would now like to use me again.

Swim Cam

“We engaged the services of Natalie to promote our event ‘Swim the Cam’. Through a mixed marketing approach that included press releases and social media Natalie played a crucial role in obtaining coverage from local press and radio. Natalie also managed to boost the number of participants in the event and attract sponsorship form the corporate sector. Her fees for doing all this were very reasonable.”

Duncan Catchpole
Managing Director Cambridge Organic Food Company

I just had to share this because when you are between jobs it can feel very bleak. Opportunities come up and then they go again, but with a bit of self belief and support from friends and family you can start to turn things around simply by offering your services to different companies. I invented Brick for this purpose, as it was easier to pitch Brick than it was to pitch me even though we are one and the same!

If you need some Brick magic to boost your marketing then get in touch on or you can tweet me @natjamorris 

If you are feeling bleak then you can always get in touch too – many great minds can often find solutions.

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