Cambridge Scotch Egg Company

For me a visit to Cambridge is not complete without a mooch in the market square. Cambridge Outdoor Market is full of treasures from vintage clothing, shabby chic signs and bric-a-brac, vinyl’s and the most incredible food stalls.

This time my mooching uncovered something new to me – The Cambridge Scotch Egg Company.


I am partial to a scotch egg but these were so different. I tried the vegetarian option which was spinach and mushroom and rice, all blended and shaped around an organic egg and coated in panko bread crumbs. Even my vegetable averse son agreed that this was the best scotch egg ever. It was cooked fresh so it was deliciously warming and the yolk was runny. I had mine with a touch of sweet chilli sauce which just gave it a great kick. They have a huge variety of scotch eggs on sale including a black pudding based scotch egg!

To top it all the ladies at Cambridge Scotch Egg Company are lovely. Their expertise and their passion for high quality ingredients comes through in every bite. We talked at length about the oil they use for their cooking and where to get the best priced panko breadcrumbs.

They have some new products coming out this weekend so if you are in Cambridge, pop down to the market and see what’s new and pick up a vegetarian scotch egg while you are there.

Enjoy x

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  1. Sarah Hughes says:

    Thank you for this lovely review, was lovely to see you, do come and visit us again 😊


    1. Sarah it would be a pleasure to pop back again – i rave about your scotch eggs all the time – hope to see you over the next couple of weeks


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