Sweet Spanish Sunshine for Your Table


I was fortunate enough to have a peppermint tea last week with Estafania Led Ramos, Managing Director of Que Rico Tapas, Cambridgeshire’s premier Spanish catering company.

Estafania had brought with her a range of Spanish delicacies from the beautiful and diverse region of Aragon in Northern Spain that she was bringing over to the UK.

This was a foodies heaven from delicate Pastel Rosso to Chocolate Bombones and Turron Yema Guindas and the irresistible Dulcey Turron.

The whole range is exquisitely presented and apart from the Pastel Rosso, is entirely gluten free.

img_4861We had two favourites Turron Yema Guindas, marzipan made with Spanish Marcona almonds with movello cherries and Dulcey Turron, a melt in the mouth soft caramel with Dulcey blond chocolate and praline. Both of these were perfect with a coffee or as a way to sweeten your palate after a meal! The textures were amazing, the melt in the mouth marzipan with the strength of the the movello cherries was just the perfect taste combination. Then we moved onto the Dulcey Turron. I couldn’t believe that this heavenly taste and texture was the result of a mistake by the master chocolatier Frederic Bau (founder of Valrhona Ecole du Grand Chocolat). At first glance you imagine this to be like a caramel chocolate bar, but it is so much more than this. Once you bite through the crunchy waves on the surface the texture changes to a moist caramel that simply melts in your mouth – irresistible!


The Pastel Rosso was a totally different taste experience to the Turron Yemen Guindas and Dulcey Turron. Once you bit into the patisserie you could taste the 100 year tradition. The fine pastry and delicate hints of rose within the cream were perfect. You can see why one of the leading department stores in Spain stocks this.


img_4863Finally we explored the Chocolate Bombones. These chocolates are the perfect ambassador to the Aragon region combining its history in patisseries and chocolate with the flavours that mother nature bestowed upon the region such as basil, honey, peach, fruits of the forest , almond and thyme. Ascaso have nailed a unique flavour that they should be proud of, these chocolates are more attractive to an adults palette, infusing mother natures best flavours into the most delicious chocolate.

It’s not often you get the chance to try a range of Spanish patisseries and chocolates that transport you back to the beautiful region of Aragon and luckily for us it wont be long until we can share these amazing products as they will soon be available here in the UK!

Contact Estafania if you want to know more or would like to add some Spanish sunshine to your table!


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