Five tips for the perfect Kale Chips

The half consumed bag of kale was begging to be used up today so I tried my hand at making my own kale chips.

Having enjoyed shop bought kale and lentil chips for the past year, I felt sure that i could deconstruct the recipe and make my own to my very own taste. After a few disasters i came up with 5 tips to the perfect kale chip – let me know what you think?

Remove any large parts of the stem from the kale

The tough parts of the kale can be tough to chew so you are best to remove them so you are left with the leaves and the fleshy parts of the stem.

Wash and dry your kale before baking;

Don’t be tempted to miss out the washing or the drying. This helps to freshen up the kale.

Massage the oil, salt and any other spices into the kale before you cook them in the oven.

This gives your kale a great even coating of the oil and spices so helps to give a consistent texture to the chip.

Low heat

Spread your oil and spice coated kale onto your baking sheet and place in an over no more 160C for about 12 minutes. In my various experiments I found that the chips were very quick to burn passed 12 minutes

Keeping the crunch

Once out of the oven place them on another cold baking sheet with kitchen roll or absorbent paper on to soak up any excess oil


My recipe was:

500g Kale

1tbsp rapeseed oil

1tsp cayenne pepper

1tsp chilli flakes

1/2 tsp salt

Oven temperature: 160C

Serves: 2 greedy folk

Let me know how you go with this recipe, or any additions or amendments you make to it.

Happy cooking

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